Lessons from a Senior Developer

The lessons I am going to share with you are what the industry was like when I started learning [1970's]. Back then, if you could pass [white privilege], they had special jobs to show the world how civilized life was in the North. Thanks to my grandmother and mother I was able to access things uncommon to... well these days it seems like even most whites. *Use color to illustrate perspective, just like a machine only sees humans.

I do NOT consider myself a "Senior Developer" I do NOT have a list of the usual media Wow factor accolades. As a matter of fact, I haven't been hired for a W-2 job that required more than high school for education, ever. On average and according to my taxes, I have only made $23,000 income once and that was well over 20 years ago. I have spent most of my life between the lower middle class and the low-income eligible for public assistance demographic.

Money is NOT wealth.

I say that to let you know, leave the labels and your ego at the door. A machine doesn't care and anyone in tech you want help from won't deal with it. Even if you can hack the Pentagon from a Chromebook, everyone has a weakness when they have to hide behind the need to be important. I don't want anyone else to be held back simply because they were .

The Rules to Programming Life

  1. You do not know how to think. *
  2. Your perception of the world is wrong!
  3. You want the impossible, accept it, and find something attainable.
  4. Your arguments are irrelevant. I do not have to convince you, your code will do that for me.
  5. When I see you have not followed proper naming conventions, I will stop helping you.
  6. When I see you have not properly commented on your code, I will throw it away.
  7. No debug steps, no assistance. Show YOUR work!
  8. Your lack of time management will NOT change my deadlines, expectations, etc. You will suffer the consequences on your own.
  9. A machine does NOT care. It is a TOOL to assist you with reducing time for a calculation, provide storage, or perform a task that is harmful to a human.
  10. Teach these rules to anyone else that wants to become a Technician.

* Contractions are NOT a machine function.

And here are "The Ridiculous Titles Held By Software Developers"

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