Portfolio Content Creation: Post Mortem

One of the biggest takeaway's I've consistently heard from hiring managers, reminds me of the same thing my math teacher used to say so much it was permanently written on the chalkboard.

Show Your Work!

Showing your work means:

  1. including the coffee-stained napkin where you first wrote your frustrations with X problem
  2. your sarcastic problem-solving senses start automatically writing the beginning steps of an MVP. Perfect!
  3. Next you talk about how you decided to approach the framework, template, style guide, etc.
  4. bang out a quick build you immediately post on your hacker social media channels like Hashnode
  5. followed by their actual reviews and your revision with a workflow and security overview.

You end it all with final thoughts on what you learned, what you'd do for bug fixes as if you were writing it for the new guy who's going to be taking over b/c you just got your dream job doing. Your next project should relate or be a step towards the actual job you are now doing, every day.

Seems like a LOT of WORK?

Yes, it is exactly what you should want from a dev team, just read about UnSplash and their Adventures in iOS

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